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365 days of åsakapop


365 days of åsakapop. 1 year celebration. 18th of January 2013 was the day that åsakapop was registered as a company, a brand. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Then it took a while before the first scarf was produced, but since the 18th until now it’s been such and exciting year. Building åsakapop up slowly, but step by step we are growing.

So of course we have to celebrate with some good offers. The Ecosystem scarf, both sizes, will be on Happy-birthday-offer the whole week. Yey! Order straight though sending a mail here or at lena@asakapop.com, or though the web-shop. https://www.etsy.com/shop/asakapop
Grande scarf in organic cotton > 550 SEK (750 SEK)
Small scarf in organic cotton > 200 (300 SEK)

Let’s also have a competition. SHARE this post with your friends and win the small scarf. You have until Monday. Good Luck!

Now- balloons, fruits and party-time. Yeah! ekosystem col front 380 ekosystem col round neck 380 ekosystem col small front 380 ekosystem mint zoom round neck 380