2014, here we come!

Dear åsakapop likers. I want to thank you all for 2013, the year when åsakapop saw it’s light and actually became a brand. Thanks for your support, both of åsakapop and the eco-thinking. The goal was to sell the first scarf during 2013, but now already, the 2nd collection is released and 100s of åsakapopers are walking around out there. 2014, we will continue with our focus, creativity, passion and sustainability. Hope you will join!

Love from Lena, designer, founder and CEO

IMG_7049 IMG_7100 IMG_7115

These are the first samples that I received. Proudly wearing the first åsakapopscarfs and trying all the different ways to tie them, selfies are the only way to document, and well it’s the word of 2013, so why not.



1510516_241107349391259_1281573360_n 68291973_o3 IMG_3416-500x333

Again my lovely friends in Tokyo, Sophie et Chocolat are selling åsakapop through their homepage. They have the whole range from the new collection. And since it’s x-mas to a slight discount for a limited time-period. Their shop is just adorable, so well worth a visit.





Vi ses idag, från 15:00. Så antingen om du är ute på en lördagspromenad i området, eller om du skall ut i vimlet och natten. Häng, handla och kalasa. Lyssna på spelningar och kom i julstämning.




December shopping


Are you done with your x-mas shopping? Or with your outfit for the holidays? There is always a good reason to purchase a scarf, made with love and thought behind. 2% goes to charity and it’s all organic. Check out the range at Etsy.




Till helgen blir det årets sista julmarknad för åsakapop. Inte sista chansen att köpa julklappar från åsakapop, men en av de bästa chanserna. Självklart lite bättre pris än i vanlig butik!
Metamorfos-kalaset går av stapeln på lördag 14:e december och håller på mellan 15-24. Det kommer vara marknad och live-spelningar och ett himla kalas. Vi håller till på 2lång, på just 2a långgatan i Göteborg. Det är där det händer. Hoppas att du kommer!


asakapop image






This weekend

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Just wanted to show some snaps from this weekend (from my phone, poor quality, I know).

Thanks everyone who visited åsakapop and the market. It was such nice days and I’m on my way to burst of all the x-mas feeling. Next weekend you who didn’t have the possibility to come to Gunnebo will have a new chance. Brukets julmarknad in Mölndal is coming up on Sunday next week. More design, more unique stuff more great presents to shop.


julmarknader = x-mas fairs

Christmas is upon us. Whoop, finally, yes! Best time of the year in so many ways. One of them are all the x-mas fairs round the world. Unfortunately åsakapop will only be showing in Sweden though.


Coming up next is Gunnebo slotts julmarknad. The old castle is beautiful in itself and perfect for catching the perfect Christmas feeling. Just hoping for a little bit of snow as on the picture. You can except buy x-mas presents, everything from art to food to scarfs, for both your loved ones and yourself, go on guided tours in the castle, taste porridge or have a classic x-mas lunch.

The x-mas fair will be the last 2 weekends of November, but make sure to make it until the first one, the 23-24/11 since åsakapop is only participating this weekend, both days between 11-17. Hope to see you there my friends. <3