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Vi ses idag, från 15:00. Så antingen om du är ute på en lördagspromenad i området, eller om du skall ut i vimlet och natten. Häng, handla och kalasa. Lyssna på spelningar och kom i julstämning.




Till helgen blir det årets sista julmarknad för åsakapop. Inte sista chansen att köpa julklappar från åsakapop, men en av de bästa chanserna. Självklart lite bättre pris än i vanlig butik!
Metamorfos-kalaset går av stapeln på lördag 14:e december och håller på mellan 15-24. Det kommer vara marknad och live-spelningar och ett himla kalas. Vi håller till på 2lång, på just 2a långgatan i Göteborg. Det är där det händer. Hoppas att du kommer!

asakapop image






zoo zoo vi ska gå på zoo på zoo



Zoo isn’t my favorite, but this scarf really looks like a zoo, but with all the animals escaping and going wild. All of the animals that I’ve illustrated here are endangered. Can you imagine, a few years from now there might not be a single one of our beloved pandas left. In the whole wide world. Think about that for a moment.

Organic cotton scarf, 97x97cm, 750 SEK. 2% to charity. Delivered in eco-bag. Pre-order now. Out in shops late October.



New darlings.


Unfortunately I missed them at this weekends festival Way Out West.  This is one of the high lights of the year and this year was no exception. Pure Love



in the woods on a field

asakapop is enjoying the summer and working outside on a veranda in the middle of a forest in the middle of a field. A cabin with 2 cats, 1 bottle of wine and just a few ghosts, the creativity is on top. The soundtrack that streams out, echoing between the trees are a little bit Joy Division-voice-like, but (of course) Japanese. Hotel Mexico delivers this sweet tune.



åsakapop will look for new inspiration for next next collection. Therefor I will go up to the middle of Sweden, the part called Dalarna, where a lot of the typical Swedish traditions have their roots. This is also the roots of the band Mando Diao, which I was crazy about some years ago and their old song is often sung in the karaoke box if I get to decide. I will have a long drive their and as a coincidence my best on the road song is Mando Diao’s “Wildfire (if it was true)”. Maybe I won’t have it on repeat all the way, but a couple of times at least. And yes, I have a crush on Björn, especially when he is wearing the traditional “folkdräkt”.

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picture sources to be found here

Green woods. Clouds. Fresh air. The smell of summer, the sound of summer. This will be the soundtrack. JJ, a Swedish band has released their new single – fågelsången. (birds hymn) There is also a free download



fruit scarfs music friends

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Pictures from Saturday, when åsakapop had the little party at Violet&Claire. Thank you Kengo for the pictures!

And yes, I’m half a meter taller than most of my friends.


Violet and Claire

5739413.pimg 5739436.pimg

Now you can find åsakapop’s collection in both Violet and Claire’s shop in Shibuya and online. V&C is the perfect shop for all you indie-lovers out there. They sell the cutest stuff from small brands, like cat necklaces and unicorn rings, as well as 2nd hand dresses and lot’s of good music, both Japanese and from overseas.

There is also a blog post about åsakapop. Thank you Sumire for that!Sumire is also part of a lot of music projects, Twee Grrrls Club etc. And the author of Indie Pop Lesson (with my face on the cover), the must have for everyone who likes some good tunes.



The release party

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From yesterday until Friday åsakapop’s pop-up store-in-store will be open (not Monday) betweet 2-8 every day. Yesterday we started of with a party. On the meny we had, except scarfs, music from Möscow Club’s Kazz, orgnaic beer and juice, Fairtrade wine, Sumire’s homemade chokladbollar and a little fruit treat. Thanks to all of you who came and to you who now are a proud owner of a scarf, please send me a picture of when you wear it.

Another great week has come to an end. Jippie, a new one can start!