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New scarf in the making

new scarf 1 new scarf 2

The new, special edition, scarf is printed and just waiting to be cut and sewn. Finished scarf will be about 47×47 cm, it’s in 100% organic cotton and inspiration is taken from traditional Japanese and Swedish print and patterns, combined into a modern asakapop-version. Pre-book your scarf now, and get some % off (your price 250SEK, regular price 300SEK). Just send a mail here or at




åsakapop will be exhibiting in Tokyo next month. It’s at the cozy and trendy gallery Commune, close to Shimokitazawa. There are two weeks with different artists for the different weeks, and åsakapop will together with five others exhibit the 2nd week, 7-12/2. Welcome!

Go to see more details of the event here.


2014, here we come!

Dear åsakapop likers. I want to thank you all for 2013, the year when åsakapop saw it’s light and actually became a brand. Thanks for your support, both of åsakapop and the eco-thinking. The goal was to sell the first scarf during 2013, but now already, the 2nd collection is released and 100s of åsakapopers are walking around out there. 2014, we will continue with our focus, creativity, passion and sustainability. Hope you will join!

Love from Lena, designer, founder and CEO

IMG_7049 IMG_7100 IMG_7115

These are the first samples that I received. Proudly wearing the first åsakapopscarfs and trying all the different ways to tie them, selfies are the only way to document, and well it’s the word of 2013, so why not.


December shopping


Are you done with your x-mas shopping? Or with your outfit for the holidays? There is always a good reason to purchase a scarf, made with love and thought behind. 2% goes to charity and it’s all organic. Check out the range at Etsy.



zoo zoo vi ska gå på zoo på zoo



Zoo isn’t my favorite, but this scarf really looks like a zoo, but with all the animals escaping and going wild. All of the animals that I’ve illustrated here are endangered. Can you imagine, a few years from now there might not be a single one of our beloved pandas left. In the whole wide world. Think about that for a moment.

Organic cotton scarf, 97x97cm, 750 SEK. 2% to charity. Delivered in eco-bag. Pre-order now. Out in shops late October.


Some months ago

IMG_2840-500x333a IMG_2896-500x333b

I lived in Tokyo still. I was just starting up the brand. I had great times with creative friends. Thank you for that time. Thank you friends.

Here I am in Sophie et Chocolat’s studio in Ebisu a day in May. One day I’ll be their studio neighbor.