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New scarf in the making

new scarf 1 new scarf 2

The new, special edition, scarf is printed and just waiting to be cut and sewn. Finished scarf will be about 47×47 cm, it’s in 100% organic cotton and inspiration is taken from traditional Japanese and Swedish print and patterns, combined into a modern asakapop-version. Pre-book your scarf now, and get some % off (your price 250SEK, regular price 300SEK). Just send a mail here or at


swedish lifestyle

IMG_6219resmall IMG_6287resmall IMG_6314resmall IMG_6372resmall IMG_6397resmall

Lucky me that I have such gorgeous friends. Thanks!

All scarfs are from the new collection that is now in production, ready to be sold in late October. There are just a few of each, so pre-order now to be sure to get your favorite. And stay tuned to see more new products soon.

<3 J&D


zoo zoo vi ska gå på zoo på zoo



Zoo isn’t my favorite, but this scarf really looks like a zoo, but with all the animals escaping and going wild. All of the animals that I’ve illustrated here are endangered. Can you imagine, a few years from now there might not be a single one of our beloved pandas left. In the whole wide world. Think about that for a moment.

Organic cotton scarf, 97x97cm, 750 SEK. 2% to charity. Delivered in eco-bag. Pre-order now. Out in shops late October.


write a line or two

IMG_3079 IMG_3087 IMG_3091 IMG_3100 IMG_3106 IMG_3111 IMG_3118 IMG_3122 IMG_3125 IMG_3130 IMG_3132 IMG_3140 IMG_3149

E-mail and sms in all it’s glory, but honestly, isn’t it pure happiness when you get a handwritten postcard in the mailbox. So to support that I’ve designed a few postcards to go along with the fruit-tema of the scarf collection. If you don’t want to write on them, you could also just keep them for yourself and put them on the wall.
Up to you.

They will be up on Etsy any day now. But if you can’t wait for that. Just send me a mail instead

手で書いたポストカードをもらうと、とても嬉しくなるでしょうか?ポストカードがスカーフコレクションに組み合って、作りました。自分でキープして壁に張ってもいいですけれども…Etsy で販売ができますが、私と直接な連絡もいいですよ。 よろしくお願いします!



A box with memory

IMG_2865 IMG_2866

What could this be? Such a funny little box! Oh, it contains cards. A lot of them. And a lot of different patterns. Hm, why is that you wonder.. Answer: Cause I made a mini fruity memory! I’m going to invite people to play with me at Design Festa. Like a little competition, maybe there will be some nice prices to win as well?!

これは何でしょうか?うわー沢山小さいなカード。いったい、どうしてだらおう?メモリというのゲームだ!デザインフェスタで行く人と試合をするつもりです。ぜひ来たら試してみてね。IMG_2870 IMG_2871 IMG_2876 IMG_2879 IMG_2883 IMG_2886 IMG_2889 IMG_2891 IMG_2892 IMG_2894


Fruit Forest – something for mother’s day

Time to introduce another of the goodies from the collection – Fruit forest.


This scarf is 78x78cm, using a  light weight cotton (of course 100% organic, GOTS certified)

Fruit forest big

The hand drawn illustration is a mishmash of apples, pears, oranges and strawberries. YUM!  _B2C3227

Gives you denim outfit a lift.IMG_2194 b IMG_2253b

Comes in a hand-made (my mom) bag made out of re-cycled fabric. Perfect as a gift for mother’s day?

IMG_7732 IMG_7725

The last week I’ve been using this scarf a lot. These are two way to wear it. 1. round your summer hat. 2. as a necklace.

You can easily order it here.




åsakapop is now releasing the first collection Äppel Päppel (a kids jingle rhyming on the Swedish word for apple), and it’s all about eating your fruits and taking care of yourself, to get fresh, alert and alive. And I was thinking that I should introduce you to each product a little better. First out is Caleidoscope.

100% organic cotton. 46×46 cm, which is perfect to tie round your neck or head. It is sateen woven which makes the colours bright and clear. It’s printed and sewn in Sweden, small scale, by people with great skills for their handicraft.



Miku has tied Caleidoscope round her head with her hair in a loose bun.

Because of the bright colours it looks very good together with jeans, of course black and white and everything between, but to go more bold matching one of the colours in the print would look gorgeous as well. And you know what? It’s both for the ladies and gentlemen out there!


In a close up it looks like this.


This collection is all about fruits. But there is a black sheep here. Can you find it?


Caleidoscope 300 SEK / 4500 YEN + shipping cost. Contact me or place your order here.



Hej. Jag vet. Nu blir det alldeles förvirrat här. Jag håller på att reder ut det här bloggträsket, var och hur jag skall blogga och som mig eller som mitt företag åsakapop. Blir nog så att denna bloggen får vara officiella snart, för den är mycket finare än den som just nu är länkad på åsakapop’s hemsida. Men då blir det på engelska.

I vilket fall så håller jag just nu i en liten tävling. Jag behöver hjälp att reda ut vilka vykort jag skall trycka upp, så rösta på de ni gillar bäst så har ni chans att vinna dem. Bra va?! Skicka ett mejl med numret på er favvo och hur jag kan få tag i er.

Ni hittar dem här: TÄVLING!

Lycka till!


romantic light and onigiri

IMG_1827 IMG_1831 IMG_1826 IMG_1824 IMG_1820 IMG_1813

Hanami with my sweet friend in Yoyogi-park. And of course we ate onigiri (rice balls with stuffing and seaweed around).