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Norra Björke

Hej vänner and friends,

Summer is here and the magic light in Sweden is spreading it’s energy to all living things. Summer also means holidays and traveling. Here is a tips for you who like to tourist in Sweden, going to not the very well visited places and exploring nature. Outside Trollhättan in a village called Norra Björke, you can now visit the church and the on going exhibition there, under the event Norra Björke vägkyrka. Local artists are displaying their arts and crafts. Make sure the to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee and a waffle while you’re there.

Open 15-19th of June. For the whole program, you’ll find it here.


1norra björke

Sorry about the blurry picture


Picture borrowed from this link




åsakapop will be exhibiting in Tokyo next month. It’s at the cozy and trendy gallery Commune, close to Shimokitazawa. There are two weeks with different artists for the different weeks, and åsakapop will together with five others exhibit the 2nd week, 7-12/2. Welcome!

Go to see more details of the event here.


julmarknader = x-mas fairs

Christmas is upon us. Whoop, finally, yes! Best time of the year in so many ways. One of them are all the x-mas fairs round the world. Unfortunately åsakapop will only be showing in Sweden though.


Coming up next is Gunnebo slotts julmarknad. The old castle is beautiful in itself and perfect for catching the perfect Christmas feeling. Just hoping for a little bit of snow as on the picture. You can except buy x-mas presents, everything from art to food to scarfs, for both your loved ones and yourself, go on guided tours in the castle, taste porridge or have a classic x-mas lunch.

The x-mas fair will be the last 2 weekends of November, but make sure to make it until the first one, the 23-24/11 since åsakapop is only participating this weekend, both days between 11-17. Hope to see you there my friends. <3


Bruket x-mas fair

Bruket flyer 1 dec 2013

1st of December you will find åsakapop’s scarfs sold at Bruket, a x-mas fair just outside Göteborg. Please join for some great shopping and fika. Find more info att the event on FB and follow the markets preparations on Instagram.

See you there! <3


half a day in sthlm

IMG_4944 IMG_4952 IMG_4954 IMG_4958 IMG_4960 IMG_4961 IMG_4966 IMG_4975 IMG_4979 IMG_4981 IMG_4983

Another day in Stockholm we walked around in Gamla stan, cozy but touristy. My friends tried classic Swedish food and I think they liked it.
Great city, great friends and a great day.


In the middle..

IMG_4602 IMG_4606 IMG_4608 IMG_4615 IMG_4617 IMG_4623 IMG_4631 IMG_4643 IMG_4647 IMG_4658 IMG_4661 IMG_4678 IMG_4685 IMG_4696 IMG_4704 IMG_4715 IMG_4716 IMG_4733 IMG_4737 IMG_4748 IMG_4756 IMG_4761

..of forests and field. Among cats and best friends. That’s where I’ve spend the best evenings this summer. In the “torpet”. Looking forward to dark autumn nights with lit candles as well.



7 dagar

7 dagar news paper, has today reach all within Trollhättan (incl. Åsaka). In this weekly mag you can find an interview with me and åsakapop. You can read it online (only Swedish..) as well. And some beautiful pictures of my face…

Picture 3

Picture 2



Fallens Dagar 1

IMG_5122 IMG_5127 IMG_5128 IMG_5130 IMG_5133 IMG_5137 IMG_5140 IMG_5141 IMG_5144 IMG_5148 IMG_5152 IMG_5161 IMG_5166 IMG_5177 IMG_5181 IMG_5192 IMG_5199 IMG_5202

My Saturday in Trollhättan. The annual festival was held but due to the very very very nice weather most people where at the beach I think, so to be honest I had some time to kill between the costumers. I spent the time knitting on a muffler (never ending project), looking at people (what’s up with the wigs?) and eating Fairtrade bananas.
Though it was a nice experience I don’t think I will participate again if the market won’t change. It was basically just me in my genre. The others who had a booth/wagon/table where mostly selling, sorry my language, but crap. There where a few selling aloevera products, herbs and cherries which where nice, but apart from that there where mainly plastic, tacky thing no one need. This makes me sad and my heart ache. Consumers, please think twice before you by a plastic, leopard hat just for fun.

Next year I would like to invite friends and not yet friends that are creative and produces and designs things with their heart and not only to make money. Shall we start up an arts and craft fair? Would this be possible and well received in Trollhättan? If we where a few, say 10 or so I think we could make something good of it. Who are with me?

But thanks to all of you who visited me, bought a scarf or just said hi. Thanks thanks thanks!