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Got that summer feeling?

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Norra Björke

Hej vänner and friends,

Summer is here and the magic light in Sweden is spreading it’s energy to all living things. Summer also means holidays and traveling. Here is a tips for you who like to tourist in Sweden, going to not the very well visited places and exploring nature. Outside Trollhättan in a village called Norra Björke, you can now visit the church and the on going exhibition there, under the event Norra Björke vägkyrka. Local artists are displaying their arts and crafts. Make sure the to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee and a waffle while you’re there.

Open 15-19th of June. For the whole program, you’ll find it here.


1norra björke

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á la London – spring market

affish vår 2014

Don’t miss this springs biggest and most interesting market in Göteborg. åsakapop will be there of course. Together with everything from cutting boards, to hats, to posters. A must for you who are interested in design, new brands and creative atmosphere.

See you there!!


Japanese friends 日本語で…

My friend and promoter in Japan got to write and highlight a up and coming brand and wrote a very nice about åsakapop. You can find it here. 日本のサイトでオサカポップについて書かれている記事を読んでみてください。

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åsakapop will be exhibiting in Tokyo next month. It’s at the cozy and trendy gallery Commune, close to Shimokitazawa. There are two weeks with different artists for the different weeks, and åsakapop will together with five others exhibit the 2nd week, 7-12/2. Welcome!

Go to see more details of the event here.



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Again my lovely friends in Tokyo, Sophie et Chocolat are selling åsakapop through their homepage. They have the whole range from the new collection. And since it’s x-mas to a slight discount for a limited time-period. Their shop is just adorable, so well worth a visit.





Vi ses idag, från 15:00. Så antingen om du är ute på en lördagspromenad i området, eller om du skall ut i vimlet och natten. Häng, handla och kalasa. Lyssna på spelningar och kom i julstämning.




Till helgen blir det årets sista julmarknad för åsakapop. Inte sista chansen att köpa julklappar från åsakapop, men en av de bästa chanserna. Självklart lite bättre pris än i vanlig butik!
Metamorfos-kalaset går av stapeln på lördag 14:e december och håller på mellan 15-24. Det kommer vara marknad och live-spelningar och ett himla kalas. Vi håller till på 2lång, på just 2a långgatan i Göteborg. Det är där det händer. Hoppas att du kommer!

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Bruket x-mas fair

Bruket flyer 1 dec 2013

1st of December you will find åsakapop’s scarfs sold at Bruket, a x-mas fair just outside Göteborg. Please join for some great shopping and fika. Find more info att the event on FB and follow the markets preparations on Instagram.

See you there! <3



Please give me your thumb up HERE! That would mean the world and help me if I make it to the final in Show Up Fashion Award that will be held in Borås, Sweden, the 28th of November. Thanks!

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