Busy autumn

Dear friends,

You who follow me on other social medias (facebook, twitter, instagram) know that åsakapop is really on the go this autumn. To make everything clear, let’s sort things out. What is happening at the moment and where.


First and most important of all. New products. I know, the homepage is still not updated with the new look for this collection, but at least Etsy are. You can now find the whole range there.

2-3 of November – Designfesta, Tokyo


åsakapop will be represented and sold by my sweet Japanese-teacher from my time there. She and her boyfriend till sell t-shirts and also my stuff. Thanks! So make sure to visit our both if your in Tokyo.

9-10th of November – Designmarknad Sthlm, Stockholm

IMG_5826re small

In the city center of Stockholm selected small designers will sell and exhibit their work. Start the x-mas shopping early this year.

24th of November- A lá London, Göteborg
It’s not set that I will participate yet. But I want to recommend you a visit there anyway. Will be creative and inspiring, I’m sure!

1st of December- Bruket, Mölndal


Really time to think of x-mas gift by this time. Selected designers will get together a hopefully snowy first day of December. Mölndal is outside Gotenburg, not far.

I think that could be about it. But still waiting for answers and have some other projects that might be worth writing down in your calender. I’ll let you know as soon as I know.

Hope to see you in one or more of these places. Come and give me a x-mas hug.


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